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We Decided to Rethink the Way We Study, Here's Why

May 22, 2018

Here's how LK is redefining what it means to learn and be productive.


Medical education is changing. We live in an era of “flipped classrooms” where professors are the ones asking questions and students are teaching back. Yet many schools remain rigid in their concepts of education, relying on the age old formula of daily, hours long lectures. That is why, two years ago, we decided to change that and, just several months ago, launched LectureKeepr.


LectureKeepr was an immediate success, with hundreds of medical students downloading the mobile app. LK is elevating the experience of studying in medical school across the globe.


Emeka and I aren’t finished yet and have some awesome things coming soon, but first I want to tell you how LectureKeepr came to be.


The Why:


Sitting for hours in lecture, then going home to sit more sucks. My experience in the first year of medical school was bad. I scored okay, but I was burning out. My friends felt the same way. We needed a way to score high on exams and at the same time switch up our study routine.


Our school had a way for us to view and download our daily lectures so we thought we’d try adding the audio only files to listen on the go. After trying a number of apps, iTunes, VLC, each with their own drawbacks and weaknesses, we decided to push ourselves to solve the problem as big as complacency in studying.


The Challenge:


Step 1, move aside, planning, designing and deploying a new paradigm for learning was the most difficult task we had ever set our mind to.


We knew what out struggles were, but to uncover what students really needed, Emeka and I conducted studies with medical school students in the Spring of 2017 to find out what they used and what they needed. We were surprised to find that everyone had their own way of using audio lectures. Some wanted to use audio lectures to follow along with slides, others played class material while they cooked dinner. Another discovery we made was how previewing class material improved grades for medical students.


What problems did we solve and who benefited the most?


Our feedback from students in early studies helped us understand the the big issues they had with studying in medical school.


The main problem we found was that, though audio lectures allowed freedom from their desks, most audio apps aren’t programmed to save your progress. Those that do save your progress aren’t that user friendly, making it difficult to add in the class lectures to listen on the go.


Students have hundreds of resources available, each one a different quality and different price tag which can become daunting and overwhelming to choose from. Yet there was yet to be a solution that could do the following efficiently.


  • Add whatever audio you wanna study with, and do it easily

  • Save your spot if you get interrupted or take a break from listening

  • See what your friends are studying so you can keep up with what is popular and high yield

  • Bookmark spots you want to be able to review quickly later

  • Add notes if you’re listening on the go


Our research at AUC showed that students in the top of their class got the most benefit from LectureKeepr, with consistent score increases compared to student who studied using traditional methods.


Where are we today?


The reception we’ve heard has been amazing. Students who used to be frustrated with the options love lecturekeepr and others who never considered audio studying are seeing their grades shoot up.


Future of Studying:


Bottom line is, didactic lectures aren’t going anywhere. For better or worse, there will always be professors who resist the changes to our rapidly changing educational system. LectureKeepr will accommodate by letting you add those lectures to a mobile platform.


The future of education is short, high yield lectures that provide both the context of pathologies and the structure to apply the treatments. With LectureKeepr, we hope to provide you with this anywhere you have headphones and desire to learn.


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We Decided to Rethink the Way We Study, Here's Why

May 22, 2018

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