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Exciting Way to Boost Your Exam Scores

March 17, 2018

As students search for ways squeeze more hours of learning into their day, many have come up with quick ways to study. Apps that quiz you on current topics will work when there's no time to crack open Robbins, but what about the occasion where you can't see or use a screen?




One style of learning that's not been considered is auditory. Since the advent of the cassette tape, millions have relied on recorded lectures to study language. However, listening is a skill that’s been omitted by today’s educational powers-that-be.



Applying the same techniques to medical school studying will allow students to preview or refresh the day’s material while at the gym or making their way home from class. Many medical schools have implemented ways to record lectures so that students may view them online and download them for viewing, or listening, at their own convenience.



To facilitate a better audio learning experience, LectureKeepr tracks students progress: Students will be able to pause one lecture, start another, then go back without losing their place.



All in all, LectureKeepr offers students an opening into a whole new and effective way of mastering the material of basic sciences. As schools progress more toward a “flipped classroom”, allowing students to learn in the way that they find works best, this tool will be essential in every student’s kit as we strive toward mastering USMLE.



Cofounder Emeka and I put these theories about audio learning in action by using the app we worked so hard to developed and noticed a difference immediately.






When I knew the basics of a topic BEFORE coming to class, I found that I was paying attention more and getting more out of the lecture. It’s the same as when you watch a review of a topic you know alot about, class was reinforcing and refreshing concepts I had some idea about.



I stopped scrambling to write down every errant detail in class. Instead, I was listening for what parts my Prof thought is high yield, and comparing what Prof has to say to what I learned before class.



LectureKeepr changed how we studied. Beyond understanding our class material, we were retaining it. 



We knew how effective LK worked for us, we decided to prove how good it is the way we do in science: research!



We took a group of medical students enrolled in Pathology class to put our theories to the test. Once the students completed a pre-quiz about the topics they were going to study about the coming week, we split the group in half. Half got access to LectureKeepr, loaded with podcasts and lectures about the topics they would be learning about in class that week, and the other half got the PDF powerpoints only. After the week was over we gave the same quiz again and compared the groups.



The difference was BANANAS.



We found that scores in the group who used LK were 16% (!!!!) higher than those who used traditional studying alone. With a significant difference at an alpha of 0.05, we had all the confirmation we needed to start spreading LK to the rest of the medical student world.



Using LectureKeepr to get ahead in your studies means getting higher scores on exams. Use it at the gym, in the car, at the grocery store, anywhere!



Start today and watch your scores rise.


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