Two Determined Medical Students Dedicated To Improving Medical Education

Top : Dr. Leninhan (CEO & Presidendent of Ponce Health Science University &  Dr. Tao Le (Mr. First aid in the flesh).

Bottom Left : Dr. Joshua Landy (Founder of Figure-1)

Bottom Right : LKsquad (Aaron Brown, Muna Brown, and Emeka Ajufo) Picture Taken at Stanford Med X Conference

Convinced there was a better way to review our lecture material, we developed the idea for LectureKeepr—a mobile app to make lecture recordings more accessible and convenient.

“Medical school is tough, that's no secret and we simply wanted to find a way to still be good  hardworking students without being constantly chained to our desk.” So, Into our third semester at AUC medical school, we tried to add audio recordings of our classes onto our phone but we were both struggling to do it effectively.


After attending class, we would return home to review the day’s material and re-listen to lectures from class. Our school had video lectures recorded onto an online platform, but that required us to spend even more hours sitting in a chair than we were doing in class, and we wanted to be active. We figured the best thing to do was to strip the audio from our daily lectures and then listen to them on-the-go on our smartphones. This way we could go the gym, drive around, or take a long walk and still be connected to the content we needed to do well on exams.


We managed to get the audio onto our phones but we both were running into a lot of the same problems. If we wanted to listen offline, we had to download the lecture, add it to itunes, sync it to our phone. Then, once the audio was playing, if we stopped the audio or closed the app we were sent back to the beginning of an hour long lecture. It was a pretty significant hurdle and just wasn't an efficient way for a large group of students to listen to audio. So, one sunny afternoon in St. Maarten, we sat down and developed the idea for LectureKeepr—a mobile app with the technology and flexibility to make lecture recordings more accessible.


Early in the development we created a prototype and then conducted a research study on students at AUC and we saw positive outcomes which inspired us to continue to make improvements. We were then lucky enough to present at the AUC faculty retreat, an event designed to discuss innovation in teaching and Lecturekeepr was well received by those in attendance. In addition to presenting the app at an AUC faculty retreat, we got to showcase our app at Stanford University’s Medicine X Conference in California, to hundreds of physicians, medical students, and academic leaders.


One of the biggest themes during Med X was meeting learners where they are and accommodating different learning styles. We all fall in a spectrum of learning—some more visual, some more auditory—but the more tools we provide to help adapt to these different learning styles the better our student outcomes. That is exactly our mission, to help you improve your scores on exams, by working smarter and more efficient.


We are firm believers that learning works best when the goals of educators and students are aligned. LectureKeepr is an invaluable tool that can be part of this progressive partnership between students and educators. So get out there, learn while you move and continue to win during Med school!








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